The end of the Internet as we know it

The Guardian had an interesting article on Sunday about the whole Edward Snowdon/PRISM story. Everyone is following Snowdon, his search for asylum and the US government’s efforts to apprehend/punish him, but nobody’s thinking about what PRISM means for us. Everyone assumed that governments around the world would monitor specific individual’s internet use in the same […]

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I’m one of the millions of Google Reader user who’ve switched to Feedly, but…..

…. are they here for the long haul? There’s loads of small scale free services that are run as a hobby by guys that fund it out of their own pockets. A guy I know works for an ISP and they allow him to run his side-project on a server in their data centre for […]

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I’m a 30 something Irish guy that works in the IT business. Inside the trade I’m interested in Linux, Internet technologies and mobile hardware and services. Outside, I enjoy a good book, a nice beer and decent game of rugby……

P.S. This is a personal blog, and while I do have a professional involvement in a lot of the technical topics I mention in some of my posts, they do not reflect company policy or ethos.

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